About Draft

Benefits Weekly helps benefits professionals learn about new strategies, solution providers, legislation, and more. We tackle one topic per week, and you have several learning options – from podcasts and “pop up” CE classes to blog posts, Q&As, and input from industry experts. Access is free the week the information is posted. After that, it’s put in the vault, but you can unlock it with an annual membership.


The site is operated by Eric Johnson. Each week, Eric will discuss a different topic, which will be announced the week before. Over that week, new resources will be posted, but not all at once (so be sure to check regularly if the topic interests  you). You don’t need to register or sign up ahead of time to access these resources, and most of these resources will be free of charge (thanks to our sponsors).

When the week is over, the information is placed in our archives, which we call the vault. To access the information, you’ll need to sign in using your user name and password. Membership registration will be available soon and it’s free to register through the end of 2020.


While most of our content will be offered free of charge, we will also have some premium content that will require a fee to access. For instance, we’re considering hosting a Virtual Conference in a few weeks about either living with or (hopefully) life after the Coronavirus. We need to wait and see how things develop over the next couple weeks, but if it makes sense to move forward with an online event we’ll post info about it.