Infographic: Health Literacy 101: What Agents Need to Know


Title: “Improving Health Literacy: A Guide for Health Insurance Agents”

Infographic Structure:

  1. Introduction
    • Visual: An illustration of a person reading a health insurance document or a speech bubble with a checkmark, representing understanding.
    • Text: “Help your clients navigate the complex world of health insurance and healthcare services by promoting health literacy.”
  2. What is Health Literacy?
    • Visual: An icon of a brain or a book, representing knowledge and understanding.
    • Text: “Health literacy is the ability to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services, essential for making appropriate health decisions.”
  3. The Affordable Care Act and Health Literacy
    • Visual: An icon of a document with a checkmark or the ACA logo.
    • Text: “The ACA recognized the importance of health literacy, requiring health plans to provide a Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) in a standardized format using clear language. Additionally, the ACA implemented health literacy requirements in the medical field, such as training for healthcare professionals and patient education materials.”
  4. Adjusting Communication for Better Health Literacy
    • Visual: A list or series of icons representing various communication strategies, such as a speech bubble, a pen, or a question mark.
    • Text: “Promote health literacy by using plain language, breaking down complex concepts, asking open-ended questions, providing written materials, and offering additional resources.”
  5. Empowering Clients to Take Charge of Their Health
    • Visual: An icon of a person with a raised fist or a light bulb, representing empowerment and knowledge.
    • Text: “As a health insurance agent, empower your clients to make informed decisions and improve their health outcomes by promoting health literacy.”

Design elements:

  • Use a consistent color scheme and font throughout the infographic.
  • Add icons or small illustrations to help clarify concepts and draw attention to important points.
  • Use white space effectively to ensure the infographic is not too cluttered.
  • Make sure the overall design is visually appealing and easy to follow.

Ensure the infographic combines all elements seamlessly, with each section flowing naturally into the next, creating a cohesive and visually engaging presentation that effectively communicates the importance of health literacy to health insurance agents.

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